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Thermal Imaging Inspection

My Infrared Home Inspection allows you to get more detailed information about the home you own or the home you are looking to buy. An infrared home inspection can reveal many hidden issues in a home that would not be visible to the naked eye. An Infrared Home Inspection can be used to detect hidden water problems, missing or failing insulation, areas of energy loss, and much more.


My professional services will provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions about the condition of your home and its systems. Whether you are concerned about wasted high energy costs, leaks, smells, moisture or quality assurance, look at our Thermal Imaging section for information. 

Radon Gas Inspection

Living in a home with elevated levels of radon is very dangerous as long-term exposure to high concentrations of radon has been linked to thousands of deaths in Canada every year.


East Coast Home Inspection Ltd is proud to offer Radon, In Air & In Water, Testing as part of a full home inspection or as a separate service. 


All test results are presented at the end of the testing period. I am proud to be a member and Certified by the Canadian-NRPP and a member of CARST, the Canadian Association of Radon Scientist and Technologist. Click here for more information on Radon Gas and Radon Testing.

Also called a "Home Health Check-up", preventative maintenance inspections are performed usually once per year simply to ensure the integrity of a home's systems and structure. Because all things have a planned obsolescence period, maintenance inspections help to make the homeowner aware of immediate and upcoming needs for replacement and repair that could save thousands-of-dollars if discovered early-on.

The inspection itself is as thorough as a Buyers Inspection and includes the same high-quality report after the inspection concludes. Maintenance Inspections are especially recommended after your home has endured inclement weather such as strong winds, excessive rain, extended periods of drought, unusual freezing, or blizzard-like conditions.

Pool & Spa Inspection

What does a Pool & Spa Inspection cover? The overall scope of this service includes a visible inspection of accessible pool components for obvious deficiencies such as leaking pumps, broken pipes, chipped or cracked pool decks. This is a visual inspection only and will not identify leaks in the pool, temperature or pressure issues or evaluate the correct chemical balance of water. This service is included in the home inspection as a courtesy to my clients at no additional cost.


Because of the complexity and sophistication of the pools that are being built today, it is recommended to contact a pool service company to either maintain or educate you about the operation and maintenance of your pool and its equipment. A professional pool service company will perform a comprehensive inspection that will include such things as leak detection, testing of pumps, pressures, filters and water condition. Many companies offer discounts for these services that are included in the contract agreement.

WETT Inspection

If you have a wood-burning appliance or fireplace in your home, or you are looking to purchase a home which has a wood-burning appliance/fireplace then you may find that your insurance company asks you to provide them with a WETT Certificate for said appliance/fireplace.  WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer and WETT Inc promotes the safe and effective use of wood-burning systems in Canada.

Monster Free Home Inspection for the kids

East Coast Home Inspection Ltd knows that kids are part of the move to. So I wanted to offer the kids some peace of mind during the move and offer our Certified Monster Free inspection.

Have a look at the Home Inspection Certificate.

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