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Protect You and Your Family

Yes, you have Radon Gas in your home. The question is how much?

Living in a home with elevated levels of radon is very dangerous. Long-term exposure to high concentrations of radon has been linked to thousands of deaths in Canada every year.


East Coast Home Inspection Ltd is proud to offer Radon Testing in your homes Air & Water, as part of a full home inspection or as a separate service. We are certified by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (Canadian-NRPP) in both Measurement and as Certified Analysis Laboratory.


This additional level of certification allows East Coast Home Inspection to provide your Radon Test Results the same day the testing devices are collected. You will not have to wait weeks for your results. 

What Can You Expect

As a certified radon measurement professional, we will come to your home and deploy the testing device. When deploying the testing device we take every opportunity to provide an explanation of the testing procedures during our in-home consultation. After the testing period, we will return, seal the testing unit and have it analyzed our certified lab. The results of the test will be sent to you directly and confidentially, we will review the report with you, and provide any suggestions for next steps based on the results.


Radon Test - Real Estate Transaction

When choosing a radon test as part of your home inspection we will contact the Realtors/Sellers involved to coordinate the deployment of the testing device. We make every effort to deploy the test as early as possible, prior to your scheduled home inspection date, to allow for the longest test. This will allow the radon test to be completed the same day your inspection is scheduled, saving you time! Your Radon results will actually be part of your inspection report in its own section with all the important details in one convenient place.


There are 3 Radon Tests to choose from, depending on your situation and time permitted

Long-Term Radon Measurement: Health Canada and the C-NRPP encourages all Canadians to perform long-term test lasting for a 91-365 day testing period to ensure best results for determining the average radon levels in your living space. 

Short-Term Radon Measurement: A radon test with a duration of at least 7 days but less than 91 days.

Radon Screening Assessment: A radon test with a duration of at least 4 days but less than 7 days, generally conducted during a real-estate transaction to assess the likelihood of elevated radon levels in a dwelling. 


Radon Test - Individual Service

When choosing a radon test outside of a home inspection - Radon levels constantly fluctuate due to the environment and long-term testing is recommended by Health Canada. The recommended a timeframe for a long-term test is 91-365 days. 


If you have already enjoyed an East Coast Home Inspection please remember that for as long as you own your home you will still receive your radon test at the bundled price and with all the great savings! No Questions asked. The bottom line is we want everyone to get their homes tested.


Had a Test? See how to interpret your results on our Your Radon Results page.

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